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Our attorneys at SW Smyth LLP provide valuable guidance for bankruptcy and estate planning matters.

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Experienced Legal Help For Bankruptcy and Estate Planning Matters

At SW Smyth LLP, we know that financial issues are at the heart of many legal problems. We have decades of combined legal experience and we are a law firm that understands family values, as are attorneys are family.

When you need help with a financial crisis, bankruptcy can often help. And when you must deal with estate planning or probate issues, we can work with you to achieve your goals.

We have experience from working with thousands of clients by helping them stay in their homes by filing bankruptcy, assisting them in permanently eliminating debt and stopping foreclosures.

We may be able to help you eliminate your credit card debt, medical bills and back taxes. We can stop unwanted calls from creditors and the IRS. We can prevent bank levies, wage garnishments and repossessions. In addition, we may be able to remove your second mortgage.

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Advising Clients With A Variety Of Estate Planning Issues

Estate planning issues come in many forms. Some may be planning for their future for protection from excessive taxes. Others may want to create trusts for their children, to ensure a smooth wealth transfer occurs. Yet other may be dealing with the death of a family member and need experienced help with probate and estate administration.

Our attorneys at SW Smyth LLP can help you with all issues related to estate planning, including developing your initial plan, helping refine and fine-tune an existing plan or dealing with probate matters or other estate administration challenges.

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A Family Of Lawyers Helping With Your Family Law Issues

We know that often estate planning and bankruptcy issues can affect a great many other aspects of you family’s life. Our attorneys can provide experienced, knowledgeable counsel for these issues.

We can help by giving you the accurate legal information you need to make the informed decisions you need when dealing with conflicts and disputes that can occur and help you resolve them efficiently and cost-effectively.